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Where the name comes from?

Illyria was an area in the west Balkans, where today are the republics of Albania and Kosovo. In the area that today is Kosovo, the Dardans were one of the tribes of Illyrians. The illyrians were one of the first inhabitants of Europe. The language they spoke is believed to be an indo-europian language. The Illyrian empire was built by king Bardhyllus in year 359 BC. The Macedonian king Perdikkas III died in a battle against Illyrians. A year after, the new king of Macedonia, Filippos II, won a battle against the illyrians. Alexander the great won a battle against the illyrians right after, in 335 BC. The illyrians joined Alexander the great in his war spree in Persia. After the death of Alexander the great, the illyrians broke out of Macedonia. The Roman empire later defeated pirates of Illyrian, who were trying to overtake roman ships. The Roman cesar Tiberius took over Illyria and made it a Roman province.

About us and our business

Illyrian’s restaurant was established in 2010, and it’s and family business which has been growing throughout the years. We make food with soul and constant quality with an over 20-year experience. Our restaurant & pizzeria is trendy and focuses on quality and comfort. We update the menu every year and we often release “off the menu”-promotions. Quality, good service and cleanliness are the basis of our restaurant and we stick to them no matter what.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 30 people. We are happy to take your dinner reservation and we also recommend that groups of more than 5 people make a dinner reservation before coming to the restaurant (no later than 2 hours before the restaurant's closing).

Our restaurant is now licensed with permits for fermented beverages (beers, siders, max. 4.7%).

During busy hours we show our guests to the tables so that we effectively fit everyone and can guarantee equal service to all.

We take orders by phone, but only to take away. Our kitchen closes half an hour before the restaurant is closing. Phone orders are taken at the latest 45 minutes before closing. On-site you can come to eat at least one hour before closing.

Your feedback is always welcome to us. If you have any requests outside the menu we are happy to fulfil your request if we have the opportunity to do so. If you have any questions, you can always use the "feedback" form and ask questions, bring forth ideas and even give us constructive criticism.


Dear customers,

We are closed on mid summer (23.6.2017 - 25.6.2017)
We open again (MON) 26.06.2017 at 10.30 AM!
We are also closed for the summer break (01.07.2017 - 13.08.2017).
We open again (MON) 14.8.2017 at 10.30 AM! Have a nice summer!

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Timeline Photos Illyrian's added a new photo — feeling festive.
Illyrian's toivottaa kaikille valmistuneille Onnea ja menestystä jatkossakin! :)
Illyrian's was feeling festive.
Timeline Photos Säästä huolimatta, olemme vappuna auki 12-18! 😂🙈🙈 Tervetuloa 😊😊
Illyrian's feeling festive.
Arvoisat asiakkaamme,

Huomenna (Maanantai) 24.4.2017 olemme poikkeuksellisesti suljettuna. Fatos vanhenee taas vuodella 😂😂

Tiistaina ollaan taas normisti pelipaikalla
Nordea: Varatkaa käteistä sunnuntaiksi Nordealaiset huomio!
Nordealla laaja palvelukatkos melkein koko päivän kestävä. Varautukaa. Lue lisää IS.fi sivilta (linkistä).
Pankilla on Suomessa pitkä ja laaja palvelukatko sunnuntaina.
Illyrian's hoping for the best.
Timeline Photos Ollaan pääsiäisenä auki normisti :) Tervetuloa!

Hyvää pääsiäistä!
Illyrian's feeling festive.
Timeline Photos Älkää eksykö huomenna siis ;)
Illyrian's feeling inspired.
Timeline Photos Niin kova tarjous että pakko äänestää meitä 😅🙈
Illyrian's feeling hungry.
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Tänään Illyrian's täyttää 7 vuotta.
Tasan 7 vuotta sitten avasimme ensimmäisen kerran Illy'n ovet toivoen että saamme tarjota vaasalaisille laadukasta ruokaa, siistissä ympäristössä ja mahdollisella parhaalla palvelulla.

Kiitämme teitä tuesta ja kaikesta josta olemme yhdessä onnistuneet saamaan näiden ...


Opening hours:

Mon-Thu: 10.30-20.00
Fri: 10.30-21.00
Sat-Sun: 11.00-21.00


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+358 6 317 7773

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